Birthday Filled Weekend and Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Hello everyone we hope you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was filled with birthday’s, one which included a burger off where I competed against my father and brother and of course I had the winning burger. I hated to win such an event on my brother’s birthday but mine were the better burgers of course, they didn’t stand a chance lol.
Now since we are Wedding Coordinators and this is a Wedding Blog I thought that I would share something wedding related haha.

So in this blog I am going to look into the good old “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue” tradition.
Incorporating the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue into a wedding has been one of the most used traditions/superstition a bride will do, but where did this tradition come from? You ask…
From what I have read the something old, new, borrowed and blue comes from an old English rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe.”( I don’t know about you, but I had no idea about this ‘silver sixpence in your shoe’.) These items were given to the bride right before the wedding from family members and the bride’s attendants as tokens of love and good luck.

But what do these tokens represent:

Old: continuity of the past moving to the future, this is why heirlooms are usually used or some kind of sentimental piece that represents the brides past.

New: represents optimism for the future and the new life that they will share

Borrowed: borrowed happiness, such items can be given from a long time married couple or friend or relative who is symbolic of happiness

Blue: represents love, good fortune and fidelity

Sixpence in your shoe: good fortune and prosperity, traditionally placed in left shoe, but can be carried in purse or sewn into the hem of gown (coins can be purchased online)

A new twist on this old tradition is to not just have such items given to the bride but to have them incorporated into the wedding itself.
For example the use of a classic car for the wedding day can be used as the ‘something old’, ‘something new’ can be a new jewelry item. ‘Something borrowed” can be a borrowed knife from a friends wedding to cut the cake and “something blue” can be blue bridesmaid dresses. As for the “sixpence in your shoe” you can use an old coin from the country of the bride or grooms ancestry.

I had also found this great idea posted on on how to put a twist on the old, new, borrowed and blue. A couple that was featured in had featured drinks that played on this old saying.
Gin & Tonic (old), Blushing Bride (new), French Kiss Martini (borrowed) and Blue Moon beer (blue)

Well that is your wedding info for today I hope you found it interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Information used in this blog was found here:

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