Allow me to introduce to you, Alex & Mallory

So trying to write this post proved a lot harder than we had really anticipated. First it’s hard to take each other this serious when we are accustomed to laughing a lot when we are together. And second, it turns out it’s really hard for us to talk about ourselves in this manner. We did manage to get through it and answer a few questions to let everyone know a bit more about us, how we came together and even our love stories. Bare with us this one may be a bit long.

But without further ado, let’s start with Alex.

Full Name: Alexandra Carmelina Dell

Describe yourself in 5 words: patient, open, easy-going, control freak (at times lol), Genuine

How’d You Meet Mallory: Through my sister-in-law Tara and because we had our children at the same time. We really started off with play dates and then realized that everyone (family and friends) kept us apart for the reason that they knew we would be too good together!

Tell me your love story with Tyler: Haha the whole 10 years… Well I don’t want to bore you so I will tell you my wedding story in bullet point form.
– Met through my cousin
– Started dating
– He couldn’t live without me
– So he proposed on Christmas day on one of the lookout points of Niagara Falls
– We were engaged for a year and half (maybe he had doubts haha)
– We had a destination wedding in Cozumel Mexico 2010
– Then we had a wedding reception here in Niagara Falls
– There was no time wasted as next came our daughter in 2011
– Then our son in 2013

So there is my story with my husband, who I am grateful for every day.

Where do you find inspiration: Pinterest Who doesn’t? But in all seriousness, I find inspiration in nature.

If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be: Michael Jackson- not in the creepy way though.

One of your talents: Playing Piano

Likes: Wine & Summer

Dislikes: Coconut & Winter

So that was Al and now on to Mal (see it really is destiny when your names rhyme).

Full Name: Mallory Lauder

Describe yourself in 5 words: honest, loyal, passionate, open and maybe a little bit spoiled (but in the best way possible lol)

Who is your Role Model: My mom, she has worked so hard to provide for her family and it’s something that I strive for.

Tell me your love story: I met William almost 10 years ago through our mutual friend (and Alex’s brother). We have pretty much been together ever since (with a few minor break ups and a move that took William to South Korea for 9 months). He proposed on vacation in Florida. I would say that it was super romantic and exactly how I thought it would be, but it didn’t really go as he planned. The intention (as I was told after the fact) was a nice dinner, a walk on the beach and then pop the big question; however, while we were out for dinner, it started to rain- hard. So William threw all his plans out and just asked in a much more spontaneous way than he imagined. Our wedding date was set for the following September, giving us a year to save and plan. In that time I found out I was pregnant and we had our daughter 10 months before our wedding. It was very special to have her included, but a lot more work trying to plan a wedding and have a baby. On top of it, a month before we got married we bought and moved into our first home. But lucky for us, everything work out amazingly and we have never been happier together.

Where do you find inspiration: It’s hard to say really. The internet tends to spark a lot (I mean who isn’t addicted to Pinterest?) but I tend to find 1 piece of furniture, movie or thing and run with it. I like colour and mixing trends and styles to give a more unique and personal feel to everything I do or create.

Likes: Wine, sparkly things, shoes and clothes (shopping in general), dancing and warm weather.

Dislikes: Roast beef, Pearl Jam, being cold or too hot

Al and Mal



Photo: Tyler James Photography

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