DAY ONE: Launch

This is it! All our hard work up to this point is coming to life and we are happy to announce Lasting Events is officially open. We can’t wait to start this adventure. And while terrified, we have never been more excited (with a few exceptions like getting engaged, our wedding days and having our children – but those are minor life events.) We look forward to where this will take us and we can’t wait to meet you!

We consist of Alex & Mallory, two friends that were looking for something more that would also allow us still do the biggest job in our lives: be moms. We decided that starting Lasting Events was the perfect venture for us, we love planning events of any kind and it’s a flexible industry that can allow us family time and being able to work from home comfortably.

What can you expect from our blog? We will be posting about all things weddings; from thing we find inspiring, to our work, to tips and tricks, DIY projects that we love and pretty much anything else that pops in our minds. So hold on check often to see what we have going on.

Individual introductions are to come, as soon as we can interview each other without laughing or feeling super weird writing about ourselves (Have you ever tried? It’s very odd referring to yourself in the third person and trying to still sound like you). What we can tell you about ourselves; we are a fun, loving pair with a bit of sass (in a good way). We are open-minded and energetic (you have to be with three kids under 3 between the two of us).

So stay tuned, check often and enjoy!

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